NASA’s Next Giant Leap — Comic-Con 2014

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In honor of the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, NASA went to Comic-Con International to hold a far-out discussion on plans for the future with Dr. Jim Green (NASA’s division director of Planetary Science), Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11 Astronaut), Mike Fincke (NASA Astronaut), and “Mohawk Guy” Bobak Ferdowsi (NASA-JPL Engineer; Curiosity and Europa Missions). The panel was moderated by actor, producer, space enthusiast Seth Green. Recorded July 28, 2014.

Cattle Point Kiosk – June 2013 New Sign Images

P1010027 (Medium)cattlepoint_artwork_page1


Visitors are encouraged to take a photo “Waving at Saturn” and email the image to us from Cattle Point or from anywhere you are on Earth.


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