Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen leads the "Wave at Saturn" event in July 2013.


Cattle Point DARK SKY Urban Star Park was created by Oak Bay Municipality to support the International Dark Sky Movement.

This vision exists within a larger longer term vision. This is the 2013 consciousness change at NASA.  The 2013 data from the Kepler Mission gave an amazing new estimate of the number of Earth-like planets in the habitable zone of sun-like stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, as 144 billion.

There has been a consciousness change in human belief in the probability of life off Earth. This has affected NASA’s public statements which as of 2013, are no longer the 1975-2012 focus of the “Search for Water”.

The umbrella vision is now  the  “Search for Life”.

NASA SearchforLife

This website’s long term vision is built upon this consciousness change and celebrates the realization that “Life is a Cosmic Phenomenon”.

Look out for our monthly evenings at the STAR PARK. The Twitter feed on the front page usually gives notice of the events.


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