Welcome to the Cattle Point Urban Star Park!

Our Staff

Mark Bohlman, a local member of the Royal National Astronomical Society (RASC) Mark is "the boss".  

Bill Smith, a volunteer who works to listen to your ideas to make this park the best "on the planet". 


  • A place for residents and tourists, old and young alike
  • A place to enjoy meteors, stars, planets, the moon, satellites and the Northern Lights


  • Come down and watch the best show on earth - for FREE
  • Canada's Second URBAN "Star Park" 
  • Imagine and Dream

Our Gift to YOU

  • Is a dark place with minimal light pollution - artificial lighting is tightly controlled.
  • Bring your iPhone, binoculars, telescope or just your own eyes



Some Numbers to Note

  • 400 Billion Stars
  • 144 Billion Earth-like Exoplanets
  • 100,000 ly (light years) diameter
  • Average distance between exoplanets - 4 ly
  • Distance to our nearest neighbour star - 4 ly -  Proxima Centauri
  • Diameter of Oort Cloud around sun - 1 ly (25% of way to neighbour)

Local Neighbourhood

Centred on our star - the SUN

Distance to our nearest neighbour star - 4 ly -  Proxima Centauri



NASA Searches for Life

NASA's wonderful simulation of the exploration of DARWIN 4 to help you visualize the plans which, if you are lucky, will happen in YOUR lifetime.

Love those "TRUNK SUCKERS" at 0:26.


The Night Sky in April 2014

current night sky over Cattlew Point
Sky map by AstroViewer®
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Did you know Dr. Hertzberg won the Nobel Prize in 1971

A Canadian Hero

The NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Victoria was named in honour of the late Dr. Gerhard Herzberg, renowned physicist, chemist and astronomer.


What is this website site for?

To encourage you to visit Cattle Point in Oak Bay.

To tell you about this month's night sky. Video from NASA. Scroll Down.

To give you an easy to use star map. Scroll Down.

To encourage you to download a star locator app.

To help you understand the Milky Way Galaxy and our place in it.

​To give you some great videos on NASA's new "Search for Life". We are not alone!